Connect To Learn is an academic remediation centre formed to offer a different approach to learning. At Connect To Learn, we create tailored programs that have been designed for your child based on assessment results.

Our remediation centre offers public and distributed learning school support, coaching in social and emotional skills, career counselling and neurocognitive (brain) training.

Connect To Learn staff members are prepared for their roles as educators through extensive initial training, and ongoing professional development. We are able to offer services to all ages, including the under six year old Autism category.

Our programs are built to specifically help your child’s unique learning needs. Our goal is to improve the education and quality of lives of our students.

The most important benefit of our one-on-one and small group multi-sensory tutoring programs is the confidence we foster in our students.
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Connect To Learn now offers small group sessions in academics and social groups for children enrolled in distributed learning school programs.
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Structure of Intellect with Integrated Practice Protocol (SOI-IPP) is the only remediation program developed based on a theory of intelligence (Guilford’s Model).
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